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The Waterfall model is a software development process that consists of a series of sequential phases, with each phase being completed before advancing to the next - those phases vary but are commonly: requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation, and maintenance.

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Test automation within a waterfall project. What to consider?

Details: In my new project I am to set up an automation, waterfall based project for a client. Since I have completed test automation exclusively within Agile projects so far, and in Waterfall rather ...
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What is shift left concept means in AGILE?

What is shift left concept means in AGILE? What is agile and shift left concept? How to use it in a software development life cycle
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Agile Tester vs Traditional Tester...........?

What is the Difference in Role of a Traditional Manual Tester, who works in a waterfall based Project and that of an Agile tester, who works in an Agile based Project? My project has started to ...
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Making scrum-fall work for the short-term

Our team is in an annoying situation: Our corporation is in a period of transition that will probably last another 3 to 6 months after a merger between two companies with very different philosophies. ...
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Good resources for traditional testers adapting to an Agile environment

I haven't experienced a transition from waterfall to Agile myself - I worked for companies using Prince2, waterfall approaches to managing projects, and then I got a job working for a company using ...
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