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Questions tagged [web-testing]

Web testing focuses on web applications.

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Best practice for UI test automation to verify that data entered by user persists correctly in the system

I am creating UI tests for a web application that manages records. I want to test adding a record to the system. I have complete control over the test environment including access to the database ...
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Can Appium be used for web testing on a Mac with PyCharm?

I wanted to automate my project, which has three parts: Web testing Ipad app Ios App I have started with the web testing, by following all the steps on and installed Appium Server, Appium-...
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How to click on the list when it said the list has no attribute "click"?

from selenium import webdriver import time from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys from import By from import WebDriverWait from ...
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How to handle the google adds Window which display over the page

Add Pop Up coming when run the test suite and other operations where failed I tried to click directly on close button with x-path but it not work
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Buggy websites for Selenium testing

I am looking for a buggy website to do functional testing with Selenium. The website needs to have some bugs in it. The wider the variety of tests I could do, the better. Could you suggest a buggy ...
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How do we decide which tools to use to test web and mobile applications? [closed]

My friend and I have just started our business that aims to conduct web and mobile application testing. We have read a lot and learned how to perform such testing. However, throughout our reading, we ...
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Why do HTML IDs need to be unique?

It is considered a good practice to have unique IDs of HTML elements. HTML standard specifies so: You cannot have more than one element with the same id in ...
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Which browsing mode is better for Web App Testing? Incognito mode or Normal mode?

I have a web app for testing. Can someone tell which browsing mode(Incognito/Normal) is better? What are pros and cons of testing Web App in Incognito mode and Normal mode? My mentor advises to use ...
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webtest Request failed: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

I have developed some webtests in VS2017 pointing to a test site which on my local machine run and pass as expected When running these on our test rig I get a "Request failed: The request was aborted:...
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Tool to record WATIR scripts?

I need a tool to record browser action and generate WATIR scripts. Is there any tool available for this?
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What is the best tool to record web actions and export scripts?

I need a tool that records user action on browser and generates scripts 9preferaably in multiple formats) for me to run afterwards. What will be the best tool?
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1 vote
1 answer

How AdBlock Affects Web Testing

Can anyone explain in detail how AdBlock would affect a website under test? My mentor advises disabling it before web testing, but I don’t understand why I would need to disable AdBlock.
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6 votes
5 answers

Is it a best practice to use loops for a test case to run it multiple times?

When writing a test case is it a best practice to use loops for several test cases? For an example consider following two code segments Code 1 public class testing{ public void ...
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Is it neccessary to consider the front end while testing backend?

Now I am writing tests for django application and it is very confusing task. Since I am working for some other person, I need to have complete test cases in my test. I have some doubts; please help me....
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What should i test while fetching data from the database?

I am using django python framework for building web application. I am new to testing and i have lot of doubts. Consider my statements below and please let me know whether am i right or not? Consider i ...
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WebTest Plugin not used when the Webtests are in a folder

Following a problem I had with TLS connection I found out that when a WebTest is located inside a folder it wont use the custom WebTestPlugin that is set in the WebTest. Is there a fix for this ...
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4 answers

How do you test the cache of a website?

I am trying to find some guidance and a tool for testing whether a page on a website is cached or not. Please could someone advise what is the best process?
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Google extension Check My Links returns different test results for the same webpage

I am using Check My Links to verify if a webpage has any deadlink, but interestingly, for the same given page, Check My Links returns a few different test results. One result is 183 while another one ...
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