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A central concept for several entities: the worker and his/her family, the employing organization, the customers of the organization, and the society as a whole together forms work place.

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Can Testers ask for more Salary hike if they switch to Test Automation?

I was doing pure black box manual testing since 9 years. This year I took initiative and started learning automation tools like selenium, maven, TestNG, Cucumber bdd, Jenkins and contributed to ...
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Working with frequently changing requirements [duplicate]

How Software Testing Engineer should act in environment where requirements are very frequently changing? Big tasks appear suddenly so tester doesn't perform them in a proper way. Developers do what ...
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Ticketing system for a small company [closed]

I work for a small half-technological company. We want to implement a ticketing system so we can better track bugs. We don't have many of them, but we do have some customers now, so the tracking ...
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How to motivate people to share testing tools?

We have a number of teams, each with developers and SDETs. SDETs automate current sprint tests and, often, create tools/libraries supporting test automation within their teams. A year ago we started ...
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How to move my company and I from time-intensive manual testing to automated testing?

In my last position, I was working an upwards of 60 to 80 hours a week for an implementation where we were unable to implement much automation. We were trapped by having too much manual automation to ...
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Managing work-life Balance in QA

Since becoming QA I have found my work-life balancing dwindling. It seems like there is more and more pressure to achieve perfection with less and less resources. This has led to the following ...
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Best practice when migrating bug trackers

I am working on migrating from a 14 year old in-house bug tracker to MantisBT. I see the new bug tracker as a way to get more organized about our dev, QA, and project management processes. Ideally, I ...
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Are there any part time jobs related to QA? [closed]

I am currently working as full time QA but seeking opportunity in part time job in QA. I can spend 4/5 hour per week. please suggest any.
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How should I plan for a QA job where I work at home, part time?

Working from home has many advantages, no commute time, no relocation and a lot of other benefits. As an alternative I think I need a future job for me mainly to have the following characteristics: ...
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