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Questions tagged [xvfb]

Xvfb; X virtual framebuffer, is an X11 server that can run graphic applications without a physical screen.

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XVFB and Selenium on EC2 - Unable to view Chrome UI on VNC Viewer

My Selenium headless tests are triggered from Jenkins server and run in EC2-Ubuntu. I want to view the test live on Chrome so I installed Xvfb plugin on Jenkins. On EC2 I installed Xvfb. When I start ...
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Looking for a solution to run selenium tests on EC2 with GUI

My selenium tests are triggered from Jenkins server which in AWS EC2-Ubuntu. But in EC2, since tests run on chrome-headless, debugging has become difficult. I tried XVFB display but had unresolved ...
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How to run Selenium through xvfb? (X frame virtual buffer)

Somewhat specific to Ubuntu, this is towards running this JAR on a server. Running xvfb just hangs for me, so trying to get the syntax properly: thufir@doge:~/.html$ thufir@doge:~/.html$ xvfb-run --...
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How to use xvfb to run my automated rspec-capybara chromedriver tests?

I read through this and I don't quite get it. If I currently run my rspec capybara tests using chromedriver, how will I change that to xvfb ? I see the examples like Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1600x1200x32 ...
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Virtual vs real display for testing

When doing QA automation, during testing it is generally recommended to simulate the environment and all the conditions of an actual real user of the application under test. But, when running end-to-...
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