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  • Do you use Behavior Driven Development ?
  • Do you use Test Driven Development ?
  • How do you do sad path testing ?
  • How do you structure test plans ?
  • How do you approach the 4 quadrants of Agile Testing ?
  • Do you use the Test Pyramid ?
  • What do you try to capture for a typical UI bug ?
  • What sort of relationship do you look to have with the QA group ?
  • How do you try and address intermittent failures in the test suite ?
  • What experience do you have with performance testing ?
  • What's the most interesting bug you've seen at work ?
  • Do you have one assertion per test and do you make exceptions ?
  • What is your experience with team-based vs. more role based development ?

I would leave the more detailed coding questions to the dev team.
Focus on your area of quality and testing