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How to implement Page Objects Pattern for an utter dynamic page

Can any one throw some ideas for the best approach for implementation of page object in the below case? - The more the ideas the better - please do write what ever you think small or big dosent matter......

I am trying to implement Page Objects for an application that has a page layout like in the picture on this post. (please use the link at the end of this post to see the image) As you can see there are 4 types of sections to the page broadly - they are cross product of {static, dynamic} and {Unique to one page, Reusable across several pages}. The challenging bit is that an user action ie click of a button, brings more UI elements to the web page and those are not a finite set and (obviously) identification mechanism of all the web elements of a particular context in such repeating sections will only differ by numbers. i.e (id = xyz_1, id=xyz_2, id=xyz_3) . (plz refer to the steps below if i have confused you) I want to reuse as much as i can of-course coz every change on UI could prove particularly very expensive if I don't.

I am using C# and we are a Microsoft shop here.

  • Clicking on "Add One More" button adds a similar section to the page and the page can grow as long indefinitely.
  • Clicking on the last "Add One More" button will add a set of sections all over again to the page.
  • Each menu item in the left pannel is either a stage in a work flow (have to go sequential one after another) or just data acquisition buckets (no mandate of previous to be complete to proceed with the next). Next and Previous buttons facilitate the movement.

Link to the wireframe