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Can also be described as "interactive testing" - used for any question involving testing performed by humans or with human intervention.

1 vote

Description field size limitation

I can't comment yet, but I like where Joe and Amol are. If there are no requirements, break it. Put a million characters in there. Write a script to fill in 100 description fields with 14000 character …
1 vote

Tools for test estimations

It's dependent on many things, I haven't encountered any tools. I'm curious if there are any. We generally end up around half the time it takes for development. However this can be drastically differe …
1 vote

Zephyr vs Xray vs TestRail

We use TestRail. Integration with JIRA. We just started using this, I've linked many tickets to my test cases. I haven't had bugs linked yet, but it seems like it will be useful for 'more informati …