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My approach would be to examine the network traffic. If the application operates over HTTP/HTTPS, the easiest way to do this is to use a tool called mitmproxy as a proxy that sits between the client and the server, and examines and logs all requests that pass between them. Using this tool, you can see all the endpoints the client hits during normal ...


You can create customer matcher like below (Example only): import org.hamcrest.BaseMatcher; import org.hamcrest.Description; import org.hamcrest.Matcher; public class CustomMatchers { public static Matcher<String> matchesRegex(final String regex) { return new BaseMatcher<String>() { public boolean matches(final Object ...


I think service availability shouldn't be addressed with traditional testing. When would the corresponding tests run? Per hour, per minute, … ? Instead, monitoring is the way to go. You can use tools such as Uptime Robot to receive alerts whenever a service is down. In addition, use something like Sentry to be notified when internal exceptions occur.


For your needs the best tool is Swagger Swagger - here you can check how the API page will look like

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