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When I worked for an IoT product manufacturer, we used a RaspberryPi running a web service to aide in testing. So in our automated suite we would simply call that API and move on with the rest of the testing. Here is a simple project I have public but you should be able to do the same by looking up Python, Flask, and RPi.GPIO. The RPi runs an API that we ...


No. Test automation tools can only simulate hardware. They are not designed to interact with hardware. That said, if you want to automate tests of the software, you can probably use a tool like Appium to do so. The key thing is to remember that the tests would not cover the actual scanning function because that would need to be simulated. They would only ...


You can also provide URL into "app" capability. It even supports basic access authentication.


Just add your Appium Nodes to Selenium Grid. > appium --nodeconfig /path/to/nodeconfig.json # or, if running from source: > node . --nodeconfig /path/to/nodeconfig.json The grid will select the available device matching the given desired capabilities. { "capabilities": [ { "browserName": "<e.g....

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