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1. you are not passing any driver instance to the Dashboard DashboardPage 2. You are trying to access local variable 'driver' which is not initialized yet Solution: Add : public void launchapp() { driver = new Setup().initializeAppiumServer(); } Or pass the already initialized driver to the dashboard: in your dashboard class also or pass ...


You can implement your page object as polymorphic interfaces, so your tests will run the same commands, but the underlying code is dispatched in runtime to the specific behavior. interface LoginPage { fun login(); } class MobileLogin implements LoginPage { fun login() { ... } } class WebLogin implements LoginPage { fun login() { ... } } Then ...


I'm not sure exactly why, but I updated my version of Appium to the v1.15.1 and now things are working. I guess there was some incompatibility of versions somewhere. Anyway, things are working now, which is great!


Here is an article that describes two different ways to find appPackage and appActivity. I personally used the first technic and it's working pretty well. Here is what you should do: Connect your phone to your computer. On your phone, open the app you want to know the appPackage and appActivity of. On your computer, open a shell and type adb shell On this ...

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