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Test Automation for different user roles within an application - Selenium and C#

Identify User Roles: Understand the different user roles in your application. Setup Environment: Install Selenium WebDriver for C# and set up your development environment. Define Test Scenarios: ...
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How can I loop through li elements of a ul in Testcafe

Testcafe has an example which shows how to do this. The second example at that url shows the way to do this. The questioner's code re-computes the count each iteration, and forgets that .child() ...
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What are some good open source UI Testing tools for testing Windows GUI?

I've used both TestStack White (for controlling a windows app) - which was simple and straightforward to use - and Appium (for controlling Android). Out of the two, I'd probably go for Appium if the ...
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Unable to handle Google Authentication pop up window in robot framework test case

Well, use handle to switch it. Get Window Handles keyword for getting how many the browser you open. Because the Google Sign in is my second browser, then I type handles 1 Register with Google Click ...
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How do I automate front-end testing for a web app with Javascript?

Use Cypress With Cypress, you can easily create tests for your modern web applications, debug them visually, and automatically run them in your continuous integration builds.
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Test Management Tool for managing multiple projects

We currently used as an alternative xray and zepheyer for a customer the Kiwi-TCMS which we have adapted via plugins to a CI/CD solution accordingly. Advantages Open Source, huge community, easy to ...
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Test Management Tool for managing multiple projects

You've mentioned that ease of use is one of your main priorities and therefore, I'd recommend taking a look at TestLodge.
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Selenium driver for web app testing on chrome in incognito windows

Selenium by default runs a clean browser session that gets deleted after test run and that is what incognito mode basically does. You can, however, force the mode --incognito: Forces Incognito mode ...
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