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Is writing black box tests as part of a bug report practiced anywhere?

The simple answer is: QA and software testing is not a technical support or customer support role! Most of the time, these roles don't have knowledge of testing fundamentals or techniques. They don't ...
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Is automation testing Black Box testing or White Box testing?

I'm guessing you mean to ask about Test Automation as opposed to Automation Testing. If I've got that right, I'd say it actually depends on what you are trying to automate. If you are only automating ...
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1 vote

How much functionality should be verified as a part of Regression Testing before release cycle by QA team?

To answer this, we need to normalize on a few terms and concepts: Verification is confirming that the requirements, as they are understood by the development team, have been satisfied. Verification ...
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Is Orthogonal Array Testing similar to Design of Experiments?

No, not really. Orthogoval Array Testing (OAT) is a way to combine inputs in order to have less number of test cases, which is mostly done to save time. An example could be when you have 3 variables ...
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Is automation testing Black Box testing or White Box testing?

I guess it is possible for automation testing to be black-box but it seems unlikely if the automation is done by an in-house team. At least you will need access to HTML code (if we are speaking about ...
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