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How can we manage the IP change on local Bugzilla. My System IP address is changing automatically and i have hosted my bugziila on local machine

Use hostname instead with one of many dynamic DNS service providers. You'll have the same domain name to access the Bugzilla application even when your IP changes.
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I want to generate a report from Bugzilla

You can create and save a query, then export it.
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How can I remove the duplicate suggestions from Bugzilla?

You can install Greasemonkey (Firefox) and add a user script that removes the part of the webpage that is not relevant: // ==UserScript== // @name Remove possible duplicates // @namespace ...
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Give read only access in Bugzilla

This suggestion (and this seems to confirm this worked for someone else as well) to go into each product (in Administration) and uncheck 'Open for bug entry' to prevent entering new bugs, then (using ...
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