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When to mark a build as failed?

Perfect, fail fast(er). When the extreme programmers came up with continuous integration the idea was when someone checked in their code a couple of times per day and if that failed their automated ...
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When to mark a build as failed?

Personally, I think this is absolutely fine. Since you said you are using feature branches, only builds on top of these branches are failing. Pull requests are only merged when the corresponding build ...
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What should I do when receiving testing modules depended module is not completed from developer side

It can be tested in any of the below two ways: You can do API Testing of Student Marks and Student Results Module. The developers must have used some kind of dummy Student Marks Data to develop ...
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Running Jmeter tests in Teamcity CI/CD as automation tests

If you can add plugins to TeamCity you can consider using JMeter plugin for TeamCity, it will allow you to set up performance metrics calculation: and view the performance statistics: There is also ...
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Regarding the Build job in jenkins

I had the same problem, here what I did When run the test cases in SoapUI tool carefully check the SoapUI log in SoapUI tool, because some times in the tool test case will pass but some exception ...
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Selenium tests as a part of a build stage in a continuous integration pipeline

I think you are confusing "build" vs "build-stage" A build is a the full chain, for example: Get code from source control Build-code (this is I think what you call the build-stage) Run unit-tests ...
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