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Well, here is how this was finally fixed. Using await was one step closer to the solution. However, it was cypress-promise that helped in fixing the issue. Click here to read more about cypress-promise. Now the code looks like this: const sleepTimeMs = 500; console.log(chalk.yellow('Checking API health before test execution...')); let healthCheckResponse; ...


You can use cy.each() It can be helpful for me. But I do not recommend using "for" or "while" looping using Cypress. This loop can be good for JavaScript but Cypress like a chain. You should enter this chain somehow and this is more practicable for performance.


I did a small change on the .yml file. Before it was selected 'Master' branch to push new commit to, but what I have is 'Main' branch. I also added the line workflow_dispatch: to manually running the workflow. Now the workflow is running.


Your Cypress version not stable I guess. You can fix your version and you should try again. Sometimes It can brake your build chain.

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