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Use hostname instead with one of many dynamic DNS service providers. You'll have the same domain name to access the Bugzilla application even when your IP changes.


Outside-the-box answer: Wrong question. Feces occurs. We don't celebrate it, but it happens. Your development team's response needs to be driven not by some abstract sense of responsibility, but by its concrete policy about fugitive bugs. Your team should have such a policy. It could be as simple as "ask the boss to make a decision" or a pre-...


When there are more defects with severity 1 and 2, this situation occurs. As far as I have experienced, there are atleast three projects I faced the same problem and I followed systematic approach as below: Basic and fundamental Pre-requisite: Have you got all the test scenarios listed? -If your answer is YES, then the work is simple (follow step 1). If ...


The best way to handle these type of situation is to reject the Build with all the blocker and critical issues list. Apart from this, send email to the developer by including all the senior QA persons of the project so that everyone should be aware of the situation. For handling the things in good manner set up a meeting with Developer and Business team so ...

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