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Which Firefox version is more compatible with Selenium IDE and Firebug?

Selenium IDE & firebug can work on any versions (mostly above v-31.0) of Mozilla FF. both are Firefox plugins so they don't affect on any versions. If you are asking about Selenium WebDriver & ...
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Testing CSS styles and design elements of website

If you want to automate this, I'm aware of two possibilities: As suggested by Bobby231, you could use a visual testing tool such as Depicted (open source) or Applitools (closed source) to check the ...
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Testing CSS styles and design elements of website

Cribbing from an answer from Not a direct answer, but with Chrome Developer Tools, you can click inside Styles or Computed ...
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Not being able to locate an element using contains() in xpath

contains() - Very useful, when we wanted to search with substring of available text Below is the example how to implement: driver.findElement(By.xpath("//label[contains(@id,'id_of_an_element')]"))
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