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Try the following: Open Console tab in Firebug; Execute or window.document.title.


Selenium IDE & firebug can work on any versions (mostly above v-31.0) of Mozilla FF. both are Firefox plugins so they don't affect on any versions. If you are asking about Selenium WebDriver & ff versions then it may differs from version to version & Selenium java jars. but my perspective IDE & firebug can work on any versions of ff.


Try clicking the element through Action class. WebElement webElement = driver.findElement("Your ID Here")); Actions builder = new Actions(driver); builder.moveToElement(webElement).click(webElement); builder.perform(); If clicking with action class does not work, you can also try clicking element by Javascript. WebElement webElement = driver....


Right now you need to report that you got the Runtime Compilation error page. That is what was generated by the web server for you and is all you can tell from outside the system, if just using the web to test. Make sure however that you details the environment tested in (os, browser, version, etc) and the steps to reproduce (URL for host and any ...


The server may log more detailed information. I would ask the developer where to look.


If you want to automate this, I'm aware of two possibilities: As suggested by Bobby231, you could use a visual testing tool such as Depicted (open source) or Applitools (closed source) to check the rendered result of the website against a golden master. There’s recheck-web (open source; disclaimer: I work for retest, the company behind the project). recheck ...


Cribbing from an answer from Not a direct answer, but with Chrome Developer Tools, you can click inside Styles or Computed Styles, hit Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C to copy all the styles in those given areas. It's not perfect in the Style tab because it picks up some extra stuff. ...


contains() - Very useful, when we wanted to search with substring of available text Below is the example how to implement: driver.findElement(By.xpath("//label[contains(@id,'id_of_an_element')]"))


Things which you can try: Try generating multiple scenarios and make sure if it's reproducible after few steps. Check if it occurs by clicking on particular element on webpage, if yes then inspect the element and find out the root cause. Try debugging, adding breakpoints for js if any. Try access the server logs and investigate the error. Try looking it if ...

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