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Cucumber step definitions in .feature file not highlight

Solved File --> Settings--> Editor --> Inspection And Check all the options in Cucumber like following
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Is there a way to setup WebStorm to execute Javascript/Protractor code in place using Evaluate Expression tool?

I think the closest thing to what you are asking about is "Elementor" library and a WebStorm plugin: install elementor run webdriver-manager start local selenium server run elementor https://...
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IntelliJ feature file undefined step reference with import

I had the exact same issue with our team's project. If you update to the latest version of IntelliJ (Currently 192.6x) it does support the latest version of the Cucumber for Java plugin now. After ...
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How to get the count of all the test cases in my Maven Selenium test project

You can run Maven in dry run mode, so it will perform the maven test lifecycle, but without executing the tests: mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true Then you can pipe the output into grep to look for ...
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GUI / report for Selenium / Maven test failures

There are plenty. For example, if integrating with Jenkins, there's the Selenium HTML Report which allows you to drill down in the summary as well.
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Why is my Feature File failing to find the Step Definition?

Your java is defined as a folder and not package try defining it as package and calling if you see the folder color scheme , it shows that green means the folder is test source ; https://...
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Flutter driver Test Explorer

The Flutter Dart tests are supported out-of-the-box by IntelliJ. Maybe reading this article helps:
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Cucumber > Saving State up to a Step

Cucumber executes the step definitions glue that you provide it with, so it can't in any way control the state of your system. If you need to save snapshots of the system after each step, call a ...
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Why is there no Gauge plugin version for Eclipse IDE

No, each "product" has their on version numbers. So each plugin/package being separate from the standard IDE means it has a different number scheme. You need to check the release notes for the ...
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