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I found a hack-y workaround way to run my entire suite over and over again: In TeamCity for the project in question, I added a build trigger that will trigger a new build of the project (i.e. will re-run the tests) once the project has completed building. This results in an infinite loop, so I'll have to manually stop a build mid-build (again, this is hack-...


Think of what are you trying to achieve and where and what are your tests and environment. Locally looping the test suite using a script will test the entire suite but might miss resource allocation on the CI server, repeating test suite using a parameter might miss setup or teardown issues. Personally I would try to run on an environment as close as ...


Modify the test itself to take an extra param number_of_runs If set, within the test itself, run the steps of that test x times, e.,g. 50 times. Try to avoid a solution that is outside the framework and involves changing the way tests are run or called.


You can start NUnit from the command-line; Write a small console application or powershell script that loops it 50 times and copies the output after each run. Instead of copying the output you could also log fails into a single logfile, if its empty all tests passed 50 times.

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