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The easiest way is just adding the next line to the file: and on next JMeter restart you will be able to access the cookie as `${COOKIE_HoldReservation} where required. More information: HTTP Cookie Manager Advanced Usage - A Guide If you still want to do this using regular expressions here is an example setup:...


You cannot extrapolate the results you get for the scaled down environment to the full-size environment, if the scaled down environment has 25% of the production's hardware capacity it doesn't necessarily mean that you will get 4x times better results if you run the same test on production. You can test: Code and Database Interaction External Service Calls ...


Most probably you need to add HTTP Header Manager and configure it to send Content-Type header with the value of application/json, it might be the case that your API treats the request body as the plain text hence cannot parse the provided data.

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