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Creating a chrome driver instance in each step will create a new chrome session, so in step one if you have reached page to create a new user, in step 2 you will again just open a new browser. so open chrome driver in before all hook @Before public void doSomethingBefore() { WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); } add remove it from individual ...


What's the purpose of the most advanced/the best/...? You should be more concerned about how well you test, not that much about the best/the most advanced etc. Sure, there are good and bad approaches, but I'd be careful about saying something is the best/the most advanced. How do you even recognise the best design? What are the metrics for that? TDD stands ...


Selenium WebDriver is a tool using which we can automate any web application. It can open a browser, launch a URL, write on a text box, click buttons, etc. In short, it can simulate user actions. But in order to test something, we need to have a tool that can provide us methods to pass-fail a test case based on the different validations, organise the test ...


Selenium is a tool that remote-controls a browser, You can use it to simulate a user interacting with a web site. for more info go through Selenium JUnit is a unit testing framework for writing Java unit tests.for more info go through Junit

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