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Whatever the reason - if you check for 400 things in a loop you can only find 1 defect at a time because your test will throw an assertion error. I suggest using something like DataProvider from TestNG: @DataProvider Marks a method as supplying data for a test method. The annotated method must return an Object[][] where each Object[] can be assigned the ...


For functional API testing you can consider using SoapUI, it provides unlimited workspaces/projects and immense features list even for open-source free version including assertions, mocks, scripting, automation, support of OAuth and WS Security, SAML, NTLM, security testing features, limited load testing features, support of SOAP, REST, AMF, MQTT, JDBC, JMS, ...


If I'm not mistaking, that looks like a Katalon script. Katalon Studio basically uses scripts written in Groovy with a wrapper around selenium code. There were some talks about enabling Python scripting with Katalon as discussed on Katalon forum but as far as I know there was no progress there.


For your needs the best tool is Swagger Swagger - here you can check how the API page will look like

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