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Difference between Keyword driven and Data driven framework : Data Driven Framework : It is nothing but data driven test, performing the same functionality with multiple input values by using parametarization with the help of data table or data source is called Data Driven Test. While automating or testing any application, at times it may be required to ...


I think Shailendra hit the nail on the head. The main goal of keyword driven tests is greater test coverage through reuse and maintanability through defining functionality -- steps. And the main goal of data driven tests is greater test coverage through multiplying scenarios. It really depends on how your features are structured -- are most scenarios much ...


As per this SO post the latest version of Pypupsub that is compatible with Python 2.X is 3.3.0. You have Pypubsub==4.0.0. Try to downgrade pypubsub version.


Purpose of keyword driven frameworks compared to data driven frameworks. Keyword-driven testing is a technique that separates much of the programming work from the actual test steps so that the test steps can be developed earlier and can often be maintained with only minor updates, even when the application or testing needs change significantly. The keyword-...

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