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I had the same issue. Please remove the backslash('') and semicolon. For windows 10, here are the steps: Open Environment Variables Select 'JAVA_HOME' under system variables Click Edit Remove the \; from path under the 'variable name'. Click 'OK' Done. RUN the mvn -version command and it shall work.


First of all before using anything in Jenkins it is better to debug your solution using command line since calling a command line is what Jenkins essentially does. What I can see from your configs is that you hold your testng.xml in src/main/resources so I would start from fixing your sure-fire settings. Try to amend them so that they are: <plugin&...


It looks like it might be related to your Jenkins environment setup. Try this google forum, it might help you out in your problem.


You will notice that on the proxy request failure, you'll see a failure on a request to and you'll notice the reason your firewall blocks it is because their is a redirect on that query that tries to download from an AWS location. A URL that might look something like https://github-production-release-asset-2e65be....

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