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For Android, you can use Espresso Test Recorder (included in Android Studio as part of Android Espresso) (description, short video on youtube).


Try with below TestComplete Mobile – SmartBear (Android and iOS) SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform (Android and iOS) Katlon Recorder


Try out Ranorex Studio I have used it for Desktop Testing but I know that they support mobile testing as well. They have the option to use code-modules or recording (record and replay) as well.


In addition to Dmitri's methods, you can also use TouchActions, as I do in my code: /** * This method scrolls based upon the passed parameters * @author Bill Hileman * @param int startx - the starting x position * @param int starty - the starting y position * @param int endx - the ending x position * @param int endy - the ending y position */ @...


You can use mobile:shell command to swipe to the given direction like: int starX=0; int endX=0; int startY=0; int endY=0; //change the above values according to your swipe direction Map<String, Object> args = new HashMap<>(); args.put("command", "input"); args.put("args", Lists.newArrayList("swipe", startX, startY, endX, endY)); while (driver....

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