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What are the differences between Microsoft Test Manager MTM, Team Foundation Server TFS & Visual Studio Test Professional VSTS?

If you are a programmer you need Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise which is $5,999/user/first year and includes Team Foundation Server online access & Microsoft Test Manager stand alone app. ...
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Functional Difference between NUnit and MSTest in VS

Check out the answer to this question over at StackOverflow. (From the accepted answer) NUnit has few advantages over MS-Test Suite attribute - can aggregate tests and execute them separately (...
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What is needed at a minimum to have vstest.console to run using .net 4.6.1 on VS 2017

Well, I found this link, that helped...I didn't know that my visual studio project that has mstest installed as a package included with it, did not know where the testadapter was located. https://...
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How to execute test dll which created on MSTest v 11.0 on a MSTest v 14.0

If you can open the test in Visual Studio v14.0 Open the test solution and change the reference to the CodedUITestFramework. It should show as a broken reference because you don't have v11.0 ...
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Issue executing Selenium/C# Test script via MS Test & Command Line Arguments

you do not give closing quotation marks in the second line: mstest /testcontainer:"C:\Users\tmh\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\FocusCREAnalytics\FocusCREAnalytics\bin\Debug\FocusCREAnalytics....
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