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How can I login with 100 different users in the web application simultaneously and then each user performs different functions in JMeter?

Jmeter does not operate with real browsers. It only simulates signals to the server like they would be sent if you would use real browser. However it is possible to buld the scenario you've described ...
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How to execute multiple test suite parallel?

First of all, I am new to the testing environment. My client wants the same solution. He wants to reduce the testing time which is currently 4 hours. I am in the learning phase. Here is the detail of ...
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Solution for the parallel execution of tests that verify email

Why don't you use different e-mail accoouns for this (of course if you are not going to test the case when user try to login two times and mix codes/use proper codes from two messages e.g. on 2 ...
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How to use JMeter for parallel executions running using postman?

If you want to use JMeter to execute multiple instances of Postman tests in parallel - take a look at OS Process Sampler However I can think of a couple of possible limitations: Postman is a browser ...
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TestNG parallel execution get failed becouse im using same WebDriver on all tests

Using the same webdriver for all tests in parallel execution defeats the purpose of concurrency. When you are using the same webdriver for two parallel tests, then webdriver calls will overlap for ...
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How do you do "controlled" exploratory testing of highly concurrent code?

Of course, the exact solution will depend on your context (tech stack, test goal, etc), but generally speaking, you would work with polymorphism: Putting the code that controls the threads behind an ...
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Is there any way to run test cases on different browser at once in robotframework using Ride

You could use Pabot: A parallel executor for Robot Framework tests. From their GitHub page. You can find more advanced use-cases and documentations here. Run same tests with two different ...
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Chrome Driver - testNG parallel issue

You shouldn't make the driver static. I am not a Java expert, but I think static classes only exist once. Meaning that any reference to the static objects are the same. You are trying to maintain ...
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