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As per HTTP 403 status code description The HTTP 403 Forbidden client error status response code indicates that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it. So unless it's a bug in the application under test side it seems that your user doesn't have permissions to upload files. If this is not the case and you can upload the file(s) ...


I think both JMeter and k6 support sending test results to InfluxDB so you can use it as a centralized storage. JMeter's Backend Listener allows specifying application name, test title, event tags, etc. and all these can be used as filters in i.e. Grafana dashboards


Your solution with powershell makes sense. Another idea is to use JMeter Maven Plugin which automatically runs all the scripts it finds under src/test/jmeter folder relative to pom.xml file. You can also pass parameters via Maven pom.xml file. More information: How to Use the JMeter Maven Plugin


The easiest is putting your logic under the Runtime Controller instead of the Loop Controller. Another possible option is While Controller where you can define multiple conditions like exit the loop after 1000 iterations or 15 minutes, whatever comes the first

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