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Jmeter fails to connect to a .qvw on an https server

As you have mentioned that when you access the application without a proxy it works fine, but when using via proxy (recording script for JMeter) you are not able to access the application. From this ...
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Filter with wildcard

Try this condition: "FoG*" Or "F&G*" ALM search does not support regular expressions. The expression above will return you all the records which start from FoG and from F&G
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RESTful JSON Web API Testing - what tools?

POSTMAN is the defacto standard when it comes to REST API testing. Its pretty intutive GUI makes REST API testing pretty simple even for the novice testers. The only drawback for this tool is that ...
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How to export test cases from test plan in QC

Follow the steps to get the Excel: Select the folder in test plan. Click on the Analysis > Project Report > Tests with design steps. This will generate the report in web page. On the top right corner ...
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How to delegate defects to developers by tester in ALM tool?

Testers should never delegate or assign defects to developers. The tester have a signaling function, you signal that something is out of order. Now someone else should decide what to-do with this ...
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Which is the best open source Project management tool which supports defect management as well?

If you don't have problems in using a external hosting system, you can use a combination of JIRA (bug tracking) and Confluence (team collaboration and requirements managment). For locally hosted ...
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HPQC: Copy test cases to a new project along with the test sets they have been executed in

By using Test plan module you can copy your test cases to another project.If you try on Test lab module it wont work. make sure you are in the Test Plan module when trying to copy the folder. But you ...
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How to find and remove duplicate records in QC ALM?

Solution: Export all the tests from QC to excel Using power of Excel you can remove duplicate test easily
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HP QC: How do I generate a report for resource wise test runs for a particular folder?

Using the Graph Wizard you can use the TestSet Name and the Test Subject (Test Plan path) but the Test Lab path is not available. If you are confortable with SQL and Excel VBA you can create an Excel ...
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HP QC: How do I generate a report for resource wise test runs for a particular folder?

On HP ALM 11 Go to Test Lab, select the folder that you want to generate graph for. At your right you will see a pane with Live Analysis hyperlink. Click on that which will open up a small window with ...
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Can I move test cases from test lab to test plan to make duplicate set of test cases at test plan

It is possible: Go to Test Lab and select a test set which you want to move. Click on Select Tests button present on top of grid view of test cases. After clicking it, a pane at the right side of the ...
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Is it possible to edit 'hard-value' parameters of 'Call to Test' in HP ALM?

I have the same issue, I have found that in HP-ALM 11 if you right click on the Call to test step there is an option in the context menu Called Test Parameters... Clicking on the option will allow you ...
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RESTful JSON Web API Testing - what tools?

Late answer here, but I'm the dev of a new open-source framework called Karate. Karate was created out of my frustration with the existing options for automating REST/JSON API tests. I'm glad to say ...
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In HP QC 10 , how can I increase the font size of a field?

Single click in the field (eg Input Conditions). Then right-click to show a menu - and select Zoom In. This amount of zoom will then be used every time you click into a field.
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How to filter defects that are linked to test instances with 'blocked' status in Quality Centre

Try this code : SELECT C.CY_CYCLE 'TestSet Name',/*Test Set.Name*/ T.TS_NAME 'Test Name', T.TS_EXEC_STATUS 'Status', TC.TC_TEST_INSTANCE 'Test Instance', L.LN_BUG_ID 'defect id' FROM TEST T, ...
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