This is really easy if the use of the AWS JDK is an option for you. I tried many hours to generate my own signature for REST API access to AWS. After I discovered the AWS JDK it was a matter of minutes. All can be done with a few lines of groovy script code within ReadyAPI/SoapUI NG. Download, install, configure AWS CLI. (why this? If you configure ...


SoapUI allows you define start-up and tear-down scripts for both test suites and tests withing a suite. If you select either a a test suite or test in the GUI, you'll see tabs near the bottom of the screen. Select either Setup Script or TearDown Script and type your Groovy script in there.


I've done this in a variety of ways, so there is not a definitive approach. You need to find the approach that best meets your needs. Approach One - In the test step that calls the service, e.g. getLocations, I've wrote a Groovy script assertion that compare the number of locations in the response with the number of locations in the db. E.g. select count(*...

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