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Should i learn SOAP API or Rest Assured API Testing?

Don't focus too much on tooling. Tools will go out of fashion. Perhaps not this year, not in 2 years, but definitely a few times during your career life (provided you are not at the end of it, but ...
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How do you generate an AWS Signature in ReadyAPI/SoapUI

This is really easy if the use of the AWS JDK is an option for you. I tried many hours to generate my own signature for REST API access to AWS. After I discovered the AWS JDK it was a matter of ...
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ReadyAPI-Request an access token in headless mode fails for oauth 2 token retrieval in CI/CD pipeline

It looks like there's a package missing which is required to run Chromium or JX Browser in order to execute your script successfully. The missing library is libX11.so.6. You can install this in Debian ...
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SoapUI Execute Script before any tests are run

SoapUI allows you define start-up and tear-down scripts for both test suites and tests withing a suite. If you select either a a test suite or test in the GUI, you'll see tabs near the bottom of the ...
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SOAPUI asserting input xml against the database fields

I've done this in a variety of ways, so there is not a definitive approach. You need to find the approach that best meets your needs. Approach One - In the test step that calls the service, e.g. ...
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