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Is there a way to use Selenium 3 to automate testing in Safari 11 without the 'glass pane'?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is I'm not 100% sure but I'm fairly confident the answer is no. I've worked at Sauce Labs for a few years now, several of them in support. I've done a lot of ...
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Test automation script with ruby, watir-webdriver to run in Safari browser in Windows?

No The highest version of Safari for Windows is too old. It's also not able to handle many modern web technologies, so you're better off using either a containerized version of Safari, or sticking to ...
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Multiple remote Safari instances on a single macOS

Apparently not possible at the moment (or in the near future from the tone of the following statement). From One Session ...
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How to bypass basic authentication in Safari 10 with Selenium?

It can't be done in Selenium (outside of Java's Robot class), but you can configure your test system(s) to login using Apple's Keychain as this SuperUser answer points out. As a follow up answer ...
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Opera and Safari webdriver configuration doesn't work properly on Windows

Safari: Let's get this one out the way. Like fellow contributors already commented below your question, testing Safari on Windows will be an uphill battle since Apple basically dropped this ...
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Why does my capybara not work in Safari?

After working on this for a few hours with a colleague and doing some in-browser debugging in Safari we came to the following conclusion: The element was not visible ('below the fold') and Safari ...
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1 vote

Getting an error when switching to iFrame on iOS Safari mobile browser with appium

For the last 30 hours I was looking for a solution and couldn’t find a solution for safari iOS. As a workaround I just extract the iframe's src URL at the middle of my test and I navigate to the ...
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How to handle mouseover on element in UI in selenium webdriver using javascript

In every testing company, automation testing services teams may face this type issue related to focusing a webElement. This can be done by doing mousehover actions by selenium or by java script. Below ...
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How to handle mouseover on element in UI in selenium webdriver using javascript click() is an action but hover() is a event , so calling hover over the element doesn't do anything . It is used define what should happen when user ...
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Safari extension testing with Selenium built-in WebDriver

Currently you cannot even load Safari extensions with Selenium anymore, atleast since Selenium 3.x. If I was building a Safari extension I would write a lot of unit and component test. Then either ...
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Opera and Safari webdriver configuration doesn't work properly on Windows

With an earlier version of selenium 2.11 we had option OperaDriverSettings object to set opera binary path OperaDriverSettings settings = new OperaDriverSettings(); settings.setOperaBinaryLocation("/...
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