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What are my options in testing iOS devices, for free?

Create an appleID: Check here and use free provisioning: Which states that Free provisioning allows developers to deploy their Xamarin.iOS application to their iOS device without being part of any ...
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Can anyone explain use of Driver Factory and its implementation to get parallel browser at same time?

The main idea of running Selenium test in parallel is ensuring that there are no clashes and race conditions between WebDriver instances. The common practice is implementing Thread Local Storage ...
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How to reliably maintain a desktop session while running selenium node on windows VM?

The most reliable method I've found is to configure the VMs to auto-logon with an administrator-level login and disable screensaver and user access control. This effectively means that whenever the vm ...
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Can we write a part of a test with Selenium IDE and the other part with WebDriver and combine the two into one test?

WebDriver is a tool you will have in the suite, but you do not have to use both together. They serve different functions altogether; they can absolutely be used together to make a great testing ...
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Asynchronous content is not found after button click in Selenium Grid

// GIVEN that I am an anonymous user on the Instruct Counsel page driver.get("https://www.lexology.com/instructcounsel/find"); // WHEN I press the Example button driver.findElement(By.xpath(&...
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Best way to set up selenium grid node using Jenkins as hub?

Jenkins as Hub??? Why not simplify the process by letting the Selenium Grid Hub manage the real-time orchestration of tests under different nodes(lightweight dockerised containers) in a single ...
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How to get number of request in queue for selenium grid

You can do curl -X GET http://selenium_hub_host:4444/grid/api/hub/ -d '{"configuration":["newSessionRequestCount"]}' to get the pending requests. Based on this you can use httpclient API in java as ...
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What are my options in testing iOS devices, for free?

Question 1 : what if I only wanted to test the app using just the emulators in xcode only, is that free? Answer : Developer ID is mandatory for iOS app development. When you are using any app to ...
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