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Whenever you enter anything in text input field, it will store value field in HTML. So if you want to retrieve the value entered in input field later in your program, then just use WebElement.getAttribute("Value");


i raised a similar protractor issue on this , the issue seems like if you give a input say "one" to textbox 'A' then you clear text box 'A' and then sends input to textbox 'B' and then sends input say "two" again to textbox 'A', A will get the value onetwo If you immediately use sendKeys after using clear() , everything works fine. if you give an input ...


Since it hasn't been mentioned so far: There is Shutterbug. Selenium Shutterbug is a utility library written in Java for making screenshots using Selenium WebDriver and further customizing, comparing and processing them with the help of Java AWT. Screenshot of an entire page: Shutterbug.shootPage(driver, ScrollStrategy.WHOLE_PAGE) .save("/path/...


We faced this issue in our product too, with the added complication that we're using Dojo and as such have Javascript code that executes after the readystate complete change. Because of this, we have a small piece of Javascript code that we call after the onload Javascript has finished: /** * Sets the focus on a field */ setFocus : ...

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