I think you can use: https://github.com/erikbern/git-of-theseus It can visualize the amount of code still in use since its conception. This is a graph of the Git codebase itself:


On browsing through the of @Niels van Reijmersdal answer, I found this written in the README Markovtsev Vadim implemented a very similar analysis that claims to be 20%-6x faster than Git of Theseus. It's named Hercules and there's a great blog post about all the complexity going into the analysis of Git history. So well lookup Hercules and go through ...


Well, SonarQube has a metric actually called Maturity, so, yeah. :)


You can do this in Administration -> Configuration -> Analysis Scope -> Restrict Scope of Coding Rules. You need to specify the code of the rule (without spaces) and a file path pattern to filter. If you use the maven standard **/src/main/** will work for you. For more information see the docs where it states that you can: ...exclude files/directories ...


You can check Codacy. This will give some insight about code.


The best tool I know is Codescene https://codescene.io.

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