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In Cucumber 5.7.0 the support of tags is handled in different way so that expression(infix boolean expression) can also be used in the same way. You can pass the multiple tags like @CucumberOptions(tags = "@smoke and @positive") public class RunCucumberTest {} Another way to manage the tags by JVM System Property mvn test -Dcucumber.filter.tags="@smoke ...


Out of all of these I generally find that the first three work well, but the last three are approaches that might serve a short term need but add little or negative quality and immediately provide a technical debt burden that should have been avoided. Tag schemas that often work well: Test Types The most classically known ones are happy and sad, also known ...


Don't try to match all at once , write a subroutine that starts by matching the first value , then looks for the nth until it has all the values, then returns the concatenated values. Its tempting to try an write an XPath statement that will match all three but this wont have useful failure modes (e.g. it will pass or fail but not show how close it got) and ...


I would strongly recommend looking at ZAPI along with Zephyr for Jira. This is a standard requirement and I think this also can be easily achieved by creating and adding a tag to a test case as a 'custom Field' in Jira.

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