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Accumulated mass of tests - how to work with business to remove / refine?

Extremely common problem and largely represents the 'state of play' at a great number of companies, especially though that have had a software offering for more than 10 years. Moving from manual ...
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How do you ensure your 'passing' tests(UI automated) actually pass?

Your automation is code, so why not treat it like code and test it? While you develop the code exploratory test it and make sure to include tests to verify that the test can fail, test the internal ...
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1 vote

What is the best architecture for a test automation framework with multiple products?

If we want to manipulate two products in one framework and still use Guice we can use @Provide methods. Examples are here and here
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Test Automation tool for Data Analytics Software

If you are familiar with Selenium, there is Winium that might be interesting: Winium is a Selenium based tool for testing and automating desktop applications on the Windows desktop. It is easy to use ...
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Desktop automation of c# applications

I have had success in the past using AutoIT. Don't let the talk of their scripting language distract you though. It also comes with a DLL/COM to allow you to use virtually any high or low level code.
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