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Have you had a look at the software project here translating texts:


You can implement your page object as polymorphic interfaces, so your tests will run the same commands, but the underlying code is dispatched in runtime to the specific behavior. interface LoginPage { fun login(); } class MobileLogin implements LoginPage { fun login() { ... } } class WebLogin implements LoginPage { fun login() { ... } } Then ...


Why test in IE5 if the customer isn't using it? It doesn't sound like they actually want IE5 support. They just want it to work. Test in IE11 Compatibility mode, as that's what they use.


There is no way to automate this in a way comparable to your current method. This is due to the lack of comparable automation APIs and basic action feedback. It is possible to manually test this by setting up virtual machines, this can still be done, even for Windows 95 etc. This will not work on public clouds or popular commercial hypervisors, but can be ...


There are solutions for IE6 and higher, but great scott - IE5 is out of reach, for sure for automated tests. I've found something like this: but it doesn't even support https.


Another approach (or part of one). Before proceeding ask for a sign-off on a document that clearly states the security risk this presents to the organization and its customers and that they acknowledge that risk. This might get more attention, though it is obviously a little aggressive (or may be perceived to be that way). Adjust approach as needed for ...


Given that the customer insists, I'd recommend using a virtual environment with IE5 installed, and then search for automation solutions that can work in that environment. This will be a challenge: you will need something that can operate on the elderly operating system (I think XP can run IE5, but I'm not sure about anything newer) and preferably something ...


Look around on the internet, e.g. ebay, for Windows machines that are 15-20 years old. I don't like this answer but given the crazy situation I am suggesting it.

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