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Are you asking about integration/e2e tests or unit tests? For unit tests, the precision returned shouldn't matter, since you're providing those values directly to the test. If you're talking about integration or e2e tests, ideally you'd run against all your supported DBs (maybe in ephemeral environments against containerized persistence layers), then ...


Several years late, but maybe these example XL templates (in the download folder out on github) will be helpful? There's full documentation and links to training videos at this gitHub site:


10% to 60% - based on Gilb's book Software Inspection. The book says that you can reduce development time by 30% to 50% with formal QA. The book claims that testing/QA consumes over 50% of development time if you have a low ROI QA processes. The book has a lot of numbers and cites sources for the claims made. The 10% above, is a personal estimate after years ...


I work in an environment where we have many environments but they're all part of a single release pipeline, i.e., features are first deployed to dev and they progress through all environments until they reach production. I can imagine some organisations might have different environments that are connected to different downstream systems, which possibly ...

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