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As per the TestNG documentation for rerunning, Every time tests fail in a suite, TestNG creates a file called testng-failed.xml in the output directory. This XML file contains the necessary information to rerun only these methods that failed, allowing you to quickly reproduce the failures without having to run the entirety of your tests. So, you just need to ...


No, not by default. It could be possible, but you need to store which code can be skipped and somehow put this logic in your tests. This would create a pretty complex test-framework. Make your tests shorter :) WebDriver tests should run in seconds, not minutes.


In the test you use a property driver which has not been instantiated, because you create the driver into local a variable called Driver. See the case-difference? The class property driver has a default value of NULL and that is why you get a nullpointer exception when you try to use it. You cannot use objects that are NULL. This is a foundational Java ...

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