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In software testing service you can achieve this using multiple ways. One of the way is as follow. Write a code in your class that implement 'IRetryAnalyzer' just as below. package; import org.testng.IRetryAnalyzer; import org.testng.ITestResult; public class RetryFailedTestCases implements IRetryAnalyzer { private int ...


The easiest way to remove the error:: Cannot get a STRING value from a NUMERIC cell --> Go to excel --> Put an apostrophe at start of numeric data cell. When the code will run, it will consider the cell value as String and will not throw any such error.


Selenium is designed to write Functional and Regression test. Your requirement is to do the Performance test. Go with JMeter as mentioned @ToastMan answer. on top of it you can refer this blog to use the Selenium webdriver with JMeter if you are looking for selenium like UI while perform action in ...


Your machine will most likely not be able to handle 100 chrome browsers at the same time. I would suggest saving your excel file in CSV format and using jmeter instead. A simple testplan like this should be sufficient. User defined variables = URL and server info CSV Data Set Config = point at your CSV file Thread Group = controls the number of threads ...

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