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It should be something like this one (might need some adjustments if you use something other than IntelliJ as your IDE and : # Created by .ignore support plugin ( ### Java template *.class # Mobile Tools for Java (J2ME) .mtj.tmp/ # Package Files # *.jar *.war *.ear # virtual machine crash logs, see


You need to instantiate driver in BaseClass. You need to intialize the elements using PageFactory class in LoginPage constructor. public LoginPage(WebDriver driver) {           this.driver = driver; PageFactory.initElements(driver, this); } Create LoginPage class object in test as LoginPage loginpage = new LoginPage(driver);


DataProvider is a method in a class that returns a two dimensional an array of object (Object [ ][ ]) to the test method. The test method will be called m times in the m*n type of object array. Where m ➨ The first array m represents the number of rows that has to be repeated your test m number of times. n ➨ The second array n represents a column ...

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