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7 votes

Force a browser's visibility setting to true

It's possible to force this status with a Javascript injection via execute_script. To simulate a visible document: Object.defineProperty(document, 'visibilityState', {value: 'visible', writable: ...
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3 votes

Test automation script with ruby, watir-webdriver to run in Safari browser in Windows?

No The highest version of Safari for Windows is too old. It's also not able to handle many modern web technologies, so you're better off using either a containerized version of Safari, or sticking to ...
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1 vote

How can i read http response of a complete page including all web elements in watir?I need the data of Headers

Watir is powered by Selenium WebDriver, which doesn't have a proxy built-in to do this sort of thing. A few suggestions are made over on SO. In the past (working in C#) I was able to use the Fiddler ...
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1 vote

Force a browser's visibility setting to true

The browser being the topmost app on the OS is actually (what I would call) a meta state that is outside of Selenium's scope of dealing with apps and browser settings. So, if you really need the ...
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