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Not sure if I understand completely, but if you are looking for a tool to record HTTP traffic, then there are plenty to choose from, for instance: JMeter or HP LoadRunner. Other then that I think even Postman has some kind of an extension to record traffic. The latter will probably be the easiest when it comes to exporting requests to file.


Ajax applications are rarely the subject where one can effectively apply record-playback approach. This is because A in Ajax stands for "asynchronous" which means that if you execute two requests say A and then B there is no guarantee that you will get response for A earlier then for B. I would distinguish REST points testing and SPA with Selenium and ...


data structure changes, the data will be outdated Yes, and the failure shows that your frontend application is no longer compatable with the service. The problem is that you are mixing semantic checking and syntax checking. Semantic validation of a service is done by the service itself - a service knows about the business rules and entities it manipulates:...


(OP here) I finally found out why this way of verifying pdf wasn't working. I made the false assumption that every platform (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc...) was displaying pdf the same way. But, this isn't the case. So, my code was working fine using Selenium + Java because I was also using Firefox driver. However, new relic synthetics doesn't ...

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