Why not use an API that downloads the Webdriver, sets the environment variables and removes the issue of updating the path if the project is shared on another computer/server? This would do : https://github.com/bonigarcia/webdrivermanager


Option #1: Perfecto has expanded on its Appium extension with the ability to develop and execute Appium test automation on Windows 10 native apps. Perfecto now supports WinAppDriver, the equivalent Appium driver for Windows 10. Customers can use this driver and develop Appium test code in any supported Remote WebDriver language and execute it on Windows 10 ...


Step for fix issue: Remove repo from GitHub Desktop Logout from your github account [File > Options] File > Add Local Repository Repository > Repository Settings and change to https URL [Important tweek] It started working back for me.


I don't work under MS-Windows much anymore. But Linux can have similar issues between releases (like Ubuntu 16.04 vs Ubuntu 18.04). I tend to have all my tests automated and create as full coverage as I can. I also compile with many warning flags turned on and transformed to errors if they ever appear. This part is called static analysis and I'm amazed at ...

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