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The only difference I have found in practical terms is colour replication. It's not Bad, just not exact (in my experience). On the whole, it's not a problem, but if you are making a site meet AAA standard for accessibility, it can be irritating at the times.


I found the solution to this myself. For anyone who's having the same issue: What I did wrong was I used driver = new ChromeDriver(options); in my code instead of driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(""), options); After making this change, I downloaded selenium-server-standalone.jar to in EC2. Then, before starting the ...


Selenium allows us to take screenshots of the browser viewport, even if the browser is running in headless mode. We can use that functionality to generate a video recording. After all, a video is just a set of frames. Taking a screenshot with Selenium is easy: driver.save_screenshot("screenshot.png") Source - Liviu Lupei The article continues on ...


This link explains Firefox browser testing with Capybara: Hope the below link give you an insight of the approach. Installing xvfb: Example command : For Debian based systems: apt-get install xvfb Redhat based systems: yum install xorg-X11-server-Xvfb Run the script: xvfb-run ruby headless.rb Executing the ...

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