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how can i switch to the new instance of browser in python selenium webdriver
3 votes

The problem could be that the page in the new window is still loading while you are trying to interact with it, so you might need to add in a wait condition. When I've done this, I've added in waits ...

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Selenium: How to identify the button WebElement
2 votes

The xpath examples here will work - but you could also use a css selector to match inside the contents of the "onclick" attribute. By.cssSelector("button[onclick^=addToSelected]") By.cssSelector("...

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Python Selenium Webdriver Help
1 votes

There's a couple ways to go about this, depending on the behavior of the application. Probably the most straightforward - assuming that the number 123883455 is always the same (not dynamically ...

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Verifying a variable contained within a table with Selenium IDE
Accepted answer
1 votes

It's unclear which part will be "constantly changing". A lot of this depends on which parts of the source page will not change If the row number will change and the row id is dynamic but has part ...

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Tooltip from a <rect> tag of svg
0 votes

In your code example, you've only given one small part of the svg - the rect. Is this a larger svg that has a tooltip just on the rect? If so, the tooltip is likely generated through javascript. You ...

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