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Chasing the software-defined-everything/everything-as-code utopia. I take pride in using code to build and operate reliable yet flexible infrastructures all the while anticipating the sense of accomplishment due when that gitops feature branch is successfully tested and merged.

Apart from being considered "the basement wizard" who conjures up magic to make systems work, I like writing code (meta-magic) to glue these loosely-coupled spells together, employing and contributing to open-source, mulling over numbers and graphs - all the while detesting the continuous disturbance that Slack has become.

My ideal calling would be in a setting where cloud-native systems and infrastructure bridged the best of Agile, DevOps, SRE/CRE (and no! No waterfall/ITIL/ITSM craziness -- 15 years in and I'm not waiting on being sold) to build and operate meaningful technology platforms - IMO the continuing endeavour for the modern business, healthy employees, happy users and blue skies.

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