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Hey There, this is Alapan. I currently live in London, UK, and work as a QA Automation Engineer. I love Automating AUT's using Cypress, Playwright, Selenium Webdriver, Robot Framework, Nightwatch JS, Appium, Cucumber, REST Assured, and JMeter, etc. I am the founder of where I write mostly about Software Testing and where I write about software development, DevOps, Software Engineering, etc.

I am a huge movie buff and like to watch Classics as well as binge-watch TV series, a foodie, a big fan of AI, ML, Cloud Technologies, and lastly a curious soul always on the lookout for learning new things.

Some Blogs that I wrote:

How StackOverflow & a bit of Self-Belief changed my Life for Good!

How I got a job in Finland from Germany and what Life Lessons it taught me!

How 1 hour of daily studies led me to offers from Apple and Amazon

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