Hey there! 👋

My name is Dan. I am a test developer. People usually refer to me as The Test Lead, or short Test, Lead. I'm OK with either.

In all seriousness, I'm an #AutomationEngineer, with close to #10yexperience in the field. During that timespan, I worked for #Ericsson, #Avira, or #GoPro, where I delivered various #testframeworks & #testingtools. I did a bit a bit of everything: kept #techtalks at meetups/conferences, trained #webautomation engineers for different tech companies, messed around with pretty much everything in the #NodeJS testing ecosystem.

I am also the host of ARCA Podcast. I keep a #pseudo-tech-journey-blog on Instagram, so if you're into those kinds of things, you check it out here. DM me your testing, or programming related question.

Have a good one! ✌️
~Dan, the TestLead

PS: If I took the time to answer your goddamn question, then the least you can do is upvote & accept the answer, if it fixed your problem.