I'm a Senior Software Engineer with 9 years of professional working experience in the IT field out of which 5+ years concentrating on the development of enterprise applications and business solutions using Java Technology Stack. I started my career with .NET development projects, but after couple of years I shifted my interest towards Java when I got involved in batch processing cross-platform tool development using Java and Spring.

Since then I’ve been improving further my knowledge of Java-related technologies such as Java Beans, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JDBC, JPA, JCL, JSF, Groovy, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. Throughout most of my career, I’ve been contributing to projects as a full-stack developer. This is how I also gained significant experience also in front-end development using technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Additionally, I’ve good understanding of web services using RESTful Services and SOAP as well as is experienced in relational database management using PL/SQL, Oracle DB, MySQL, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

I've been involved in number of back- as well as front-end development projects related to applications within ERP solutions, Digital Signing, internal information system for process automation, integral system for communication management, corporate web portals, citizen identification procedures and BI solution for R&D / Innovation processes. Within the recent projects, in addition to being a fullstack developer, I’ve also been responsible for leading and mentoring the development teams, providing technical guidance and making technical decisions.