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Results-oriented pricing actuary (commercial, personal) with strong communication skills, stakeholder engagement orientation; and a track record of timeous delivery to high standards.


I am a highly motivated individual with a proven track record in developing new and sophisticated pricing models, at both a portfolio and individual case level. I specialise in commercial lines pricing and have a strong analytical background (in both local & developing markets).

I also enjoy leadership accountabilities with a keen interest in developing, training, and building others to achieve their ambitions. Desire to coach & develop, cultivated from days as a university tutor and enjoy contributing towards wider learning communities such as Stackoverflow.

I have been working professionally with Office products for the last 2 decades, and manage a sizeable team of high skilled experts who are responsible for establishing and maintaining the risk-models within a small-medium sized player in the insurance industry.


  • Programming (Python, VBA)
  • Property Business
  • Chess, Table Tennis
  • Research, brain teasers
  • Excel!
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