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What techniques are available to determine which browsers to test?
1 votes

Know your target audience as well. An example that immediately springs to mind is W3CSchools (a site dedicated to teaching about web development). Due to the nature of the sites content the majority ...

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What kind of testing should a developer do before passing a build to the QA team?
7 votes

I'm also a firm believer in the idea of developers peer review. Since adopting this methodology at my place of work the quality of work has significantly increased. The new set of eyes provided by ...

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1.5 Million lines of code. 0 tests. Where should we start?
10 votes

My first idea might be to break the system up into smaller components (not literally just from a planning perspective). From here you can prioritise them based on which are more important and work ...

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Is there any reliable way to write unit test against the CSS itself for a site?
2 votes

A simple application I use to test cross browser compatibility with regards to CSS is Adobe Browser Lab which lets you compare rending in different browsers from different operating systems (you ...

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