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Need to assertValue of text input field based on data coming from a table td inner HTML (using storeText to store variable) in Selenium IDE script
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I got the first set to work, but for comparing the text variable (created with storeText) and the value variable (created with storeValue), I just used assertExpression. Store text variable from ...

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Locating element by link text (anchor tag innerHTML) or xpath fails in Selenium 2.0 Webdriver
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Seems like I have to use this line of code before I invoke any click events. The "clickAndWait" conversion of the Selenium IDE to Webdriver doesn't seem to work properly. It converts everything to *....

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WebDriver exception
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My guess is that your element is not present. the Click() method using the Firefox driver doesn't work like ClickAndWait in the Selenium IDE. You must explicitly do an implicit wait before you click ...

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Alternative for user extensions in Selenium 2 WebDriver w/ jQuery?
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They have an interface to allow you to execute JavaScript. The contents of your JavaScript function would be passed in the ExecuteScript parameter. Here I have "return '123'" as my argument. The ...

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